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dirty twitch by fizzgig dirty twitch by fizzgig
dirty, dirty twitch. created in illustrator. i'll probably give him a body soon. just wanted to post a close-up of his pretty lil face for now. check out the full view...lots of yummy details =P (Razz)

lemme know if ya likes him
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melancholy-spiders Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2006
:giggle: i shall name him Cedrick. *pats Mousie*
Beggalind Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
hahaha !! well that's a dirty twitch! :D agine....LOVE IT! :heart:
protox Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003   Photographer
Nothing else to say :D (Big Grin)
liquify Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003
this is my favourite piece out of everything that i've looked at today, in your gallery. i love the contrast between the smudged flatness of twitch's face, compared to the shiny level of depth you've added to the eyes. the facial expression is quite comical but when you look closer you can see all the different colours you've used to make this look real.. but not.. cartooned, but physical. ( my word choice sucks today. :O (Eek) )
ljo Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2003
Looks a little like me after a long day's work - I like him - a whole lot of
detail going on in the fur - love his nose and the little earring and the
dif colored eyes - as usual your color choices are first rate - nice work
inside the ears - cute drool ?!?

pacman23 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
heh that's cool as hell
dope coloring man
vitamano Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Very cool, some gr8 skills at work here!
crayz Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
hahahah - a cool pic - i really love the eyes and tongue :D (Big Grin) Laughing my ass off! rofl

awesome - totally awesome and really well done !!!!!! :) (Smile)
adam1975 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2003
It's like +liquisoft's Herachio the Agoraphobic Squirrel, only a lot more streesed! And it's a mouse.... O_o . I just love those eyes, and all the whiskers and hairs out of place look great too :) (Smile) .
jumangy Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2003
Heh!Cool.!!Verry interesting mouse!:) (Smile)
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